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Featuring top-class sports goods like Belco Digital Printed Promotional Balls, Boxing Head Guard, Basket Ball, etc.

About Us

The expertise and experience of our company, Belco Sports has taken us to a valuable position in the market of sports goods. We began our business practices in the year of 1957 as Behari Lal & Co., to provide our customers with high-quality sports products. We then shortened the name to BELCO. Through our consistent hard work and competence, today we have made substantial advancements, emerging as a premium manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide variety of products. Our product portfolio comprises Water Bottle And Carriers, Batting Leg Guard, Bag And Set of Kit, Boxing Head Guard, Belco Double Layer Polyester Promotional Balls, Gaelic And Hurling Ball, etc. In addition, by maintaining the highest quality in our products and marketing them at the most inexpensive prices, we have grown substantially over the years.


Following are the brands in which we deal:

  • BLC Sportswear
  • Winart
  • Diablo
  • R-Max

Future of BELCO

In our vast industrial experience of more than six decades, we faced many ups and downs, but our sheer determination has led us to a great market position. For the coming future, we aim to focus on the following factors:

  • To provide our customers with top quality products like Boxing Head Guard, Gaelic And Hurling Ball, Water Bottle And Carriers, Belco Double Layer Polyester Promotional Balls, Bag And Set of Kit, etc. 
  • To uphold the most nominal pricing in our offerings
  • To follow moral based approaches while serving the customers
  • To focus on establishing long-term business relations with all the clients

Our Milestones

1925, A Legend Was Born

In the Sialkot area of Punjab (now Pakistan), Mr. Bihari Lal was born. At a young age, he did many jobs to develop his skills and ended up repairing shoes, a rare task done by a few skilled personnel.

1947, Driven By Core Values

During the horrific days of partition, Mr. Bihari Lal had moved to India, where plenty of opportunities were waiting. Holding his principles alive, Mr. Bihari Lal continued to repair shoes until he got exposed to a local sports production plant. His ability to adapt to new skills, inspired him to pursue hand crafting of footballs. He worked day & night and soon perfected the craft.

1952, When It All Began

Mr. Bihari Lal manufactured footballs for many years after which, he along with his four co-workers, started a self-owned business of producing & delivering footballs.

1957, Founded The Company

As the market was full of opportunities, he was able to showcase his talent & potentials and that is when Bihari Lal & Co. was formally incepted.

1960, An Inspiring Expansion

After touching over 50 footballs manufacturing figure per day, Bihari Lal & Co., made a leap forward and increased the production area by three times.

1972, Young Minds Get On Board

Driven by the ingenuity of his father, Mr. Jeet Raj joined the company and introduced new & innovative ideas to progress the business.

1978, A Big Leap Ahead With Leather Tanning

This year was important for the leather industry because of the emergence of high quality leather products like Artificial leather, PU and synthetic leather. The ambitious team of Bihari Lal & Co., took this opportunity and implemented leather tanning. The immensely popular cricket ball & other such products were manufactured & exported at a high rate.

1985, Associations Overseas

Our leather tanned goods reached an overwhelming demand in UK and Germany. In order to fulfill the needs, Bihari Lal & Co., opened a dedicated facility.

2004, More Power To Leadership

Mr. Naresh Kumar and Mr. Mukesh Kumar, two more knowledgeable leaders joined our journey. After which our company started to export to Poland, Hungary and South Africa.

2005, Recognition

Because of our long years of manufacturing & exporting high-quality products, we were rewarded with the coveted Export Excellence Award.

2006, Belco Came Into Being

Our own brand which was labelled sports goods reached the shelves of the market & gained a significant share from the then existing brands.


In this year, Mr. Chander joined our company.


Belco has been listed as one of the top sports brands in India. Through a retail outlet in conjunction with the brand, Puma and a much awaited marketing campaign with Amazon, our company strives to provide top quality sports apparels across numerous games & geographies.

Mr. Naresh Kumar supervises customer relations & internal administration affairs in the company and on the other hand, Mr. Mukesh Kumar assists the Export & marketing divisions.

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